Photos: Chasing Windmills

This is my last day in Kingston for 2010. The next year is going to be crazy. I will be studying and traveling abroad for the entire year; in fact, I won’t be staying in 1 country for more than 3 months. I’m flying across Canada tomorrow and flying across the Pacific Ocean on Thursday.

Tomorrow marks the beginning of my life as a wandering traveler.

This is my last test shoot in Kingston for a long time. C and I became good friends this year. She is so loving and optimistic. We’ve been meaning to shoot for months and just barely managed to squeeze in this test a few days ago, but the only time we could both meet was 4pm. You should avoid shooting at 4pm at all costs. We did these by the lake and, of course, I couldn’t find any soft shades so I had to make do with all the shadows.

I’m going to miss C next year. I’m going to miss all my friends next year. But I suppose that’s just what happens when you are Chasing Windmills around the world.

Have you ever had to leave people and places?

30 responses to “Photos: Chasing Windmills

  1. Fantastic photos! The first B&W one is my favorite, but they're all great. You handled the shadows very well, adding another level of interesting to the shots.

    Have a happy and safe trip…and take lots of pictures!

  2. so beautiful! i love the b&w one and where she is lying on the grass. so spring and pretty

  3. Thanks Sarah. I wasn't sure how it'd turn out initially but I really like the one where she's lying on the grass too.

  4. I saw your comment on my blog and I just had to return the favour! Your blog is absolutely stunning – I will definitely be coming back.

    Good luck with your travels, I must say, I am envious of you for that! I hope to take a year off and do the same thing sometime soon

    Have a wonderful, wonderful trip!

  5. Hi Jacquelyn, I'm actually not taking a year off – just doing an exchange abroad. hope you get the opportunity to go abroad soon!!

  6. Third one's my fav. Specially in these times, when the weather is really shit here in Sweden, despite the fact that it's May and I should be able to lie in the grass just like that. Keep up the good work! Looking forward to seeing lots from your travels. I'm certain it'll be a marvelous year for you 🙂

    In my experience, it has actually been a lot easier leaving, than being left behind.


  7. Luce, you are exactly right. I've always been the one to leave, but this year I've always been the one left behind. I much prefer the former. stay well!

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