United Kingdom

In 2011, I spent 4 months living and studying in south England, United Kingdom. Not only was it a rewarding educational experience, I also got to discover many different parts of the UK. I have compiled my top posts from my semester in the UK below.

Living in London: January – April 2011

Photos from London, Part 1
Photos from London, Part 2
The English Coast: Alfriston and Birling Gap
Searching for Sun in Eastbourne England
A Tour of Stonehenge & Roman Baths

Itinerary: Windsor > Stratford-Upon-Avon > Wales Snowdonia National Park > Borth
England Roadtrip: Spring 2011 

Driving Across England
7 Miles in Wales Snowdonia National Park
Driving Across Wales 

Itinerary: Oxford > Liverpool > Edinburgh > Scotland Highlands > Belfast > Giant’s Causeway
Northern UK Roadtrip: April 2011

Among Oxford Scholars
24 Hours in Liverpool
Edinburgh In A Day
Discovering Belfast
A Photo Tour of Giant’s Causeway