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Untapped Cities: Contributing Photographer

[Photo Essay] Authentic New Orleans; January 14, 2013 (link)
[Photo Essay] Budapest and Its People; December 27, 2012 (link)
[Photo Essay] Athens – A Beautiful City for Athena; December 17, 2012 (link)
[Photo Essay] The Shanghai Fog; November 14, 2012 (link)
[Photo Essay] Oslo Through A Photographer’s Eye; November 1st, 2012 (link)
[Photo Essay] Beaches of Los Angeles; October 25th, 2012 (link)
[Photo Essay] Being a Tourist in Los Angeles; October 18th, 2012 (link)
[Photo Essay] Visit Britain: Seven Miles in Wales; September 20th, 2012 (link)
[Photo Essay] How to eat your way through Montreal; September 6th, 2012 (link)

QI Post: Contributing Photographer

[Photo Essay] Driving Through Seattle; January 21, 2013 (link)
[Photo Essay] Chasing Snow and Fear in Vancouver; January 13, 2012 (link)
[Photo Essay] Manhattan Winter Day; January 11th, 2013 (link)
[Article] The Commodity of Digital Photography; January 8th, 2013 (link)
[Photo Essay] 2012: The Year I Photographed the World; January 2nd, 2013 (link)
[Article] Three Quick Tips to Better Your Travel Photography; December 27th, 2012 (link)
[Photo Essay] Climbing Jostedal Glacier, Norway; December 26th, 2012 (link)
[Photo Essay] Lessons from Joe McNally; December 25th, 2012 (link)
[Photo Essay] America Italy; December 24th, 2012 (link)


[Photo Essay] A Woman’s World – China; Wild Junket; November/December 2012 (link)
[Article] 7 Reasons to Visit Estonia Today; Inspiring Travellers; July 6, 2012 (link)
[Article] 48 Hours in Toronto; 48 Hour Adventure; June 20, 2012 (link)
[Photo Essay] Matanzas by Jeep; Our Oyster; April 28, 2012 (link)
[Photo Essay] Hiking Through Cuba’s Varahicacos Ecological Reserve; inTravel Magazine; April 23, 2012 (link)
[Article] 5 Amazing Outdoor Experiences in Cuba; Gap Year Escape; April 23, 2012 (link)
[Photo Essay] Two Sides of Havana, Cuba; Downtown Traveler; April 11, 2012 (link)
[Article] Travel Became My Teacher; Metro News; April 11, 2012 (link)
[Photography] Friday Postcard: Birds in Barcelona; Twenty-Something Travels; March 30, 2012 (link)
[Article] How Studying Abroad Benefited My Academic and Professional Career; TalentEgg; March 27, 2012 (link)
[Photography] Grand Canyon West; WildJunket Magazine; April/May Issue 2012 (link)
[Photography] Urquhart Castle, Scotland; Vagabundo Magazine, March 13, 2012 (link)
[Photo Essay] Matanzas Beyond the Resorts; Enduring Wanderlust, February 28, 2012 (link)
[Photography] Belfast Lough; Let’s Be Wild, February 23, 2012 (link)
[Photography] Purple Sky over Sunset Boulevard; Itchy Feet Magazine, February, 2012 (link)
[Photography] Giant’s Causeway Coast; Let’s Be Wild, February 6th, 2012 (link)
[Photo Essay] Luxembourg – The Perfect Getaway; Queen’s Chinese Press Issue 3; 2011 (link)
[Photography]  Friday Postcard: Aegina, Greece; Twenty-Something Travels; March 2011 (link)

Press Mentions

[Mention] Best Travel Photos of the Week; Huffington Post, January 27, 2013 (link)
[Interview] Life of a Travel Photographer; The Life Collective, January 17, 2013 (link)
[Mention] Best Travel Photos of the Week; Huffington Post, January 5, 2013 (link)
[Mention] Best Travel Photos of the Week; Huffington Post, December 29, 2012 (link)
[Interview] Tracy Zhang, 20s, Lifestyle & Travel Photographer; No Country for Young Women, December 11, 2012 (link)
[Mention] Best Travel Photos of the Week; Huffington Post, December 1, 2012 (link)
[Mention] Best Travel Photos of the Week; Huffington Post, November 16, 2012 (link)
[Feature] One Hundred Must-See Sites for Photographers;, November 12, 2012 (link)
[Interview] Portrait: Who Has Inspired You To Travel; JetPac, November 10, 2012 (link)
[Feature] Travel Photography Bucket List from Canadian Photographer; Jetpac; October 16, 2012 (link)
[Feature] Featured Travel & Photography Blog: Just In Time Travels; Take Me to Travel; August 2, 2012 (link)
[Interview] Random Traveller: Tracy Zhang of Just In Time Travels; No Place To Be; July 7, 2012 (link)
[Interview] Window or Aisle: Tracy Zhang; Sivan Askayo Blog; June 27, 2012 (link)
[Mention] Canadian Travel Blogs I Love; Canada Travel Services; May 30, 2012 (link)
[Mention] Best Travel Blogs of March 12-18, 2012; 101 Holidays; March 16, 2012 (link)
[Interview] Interview with Tracy Zhang (pgs 82-89); Javertime Magazine; Issue 9; Spring/Summer 2011 (link)
[Article] Film & Digital Photography by Tracy Zhang; Nonsense Society; 2010 (link)
[Article] Top Talent: Queen’s School of Business Commerce Student Tracy Zhang; TalentEgg, 2011 (link)
[Article] Diaries of an Intern; Queen’s Chinese Press Issue 4; 2011 (link)


[Photography] May 10th 2011 Daily Inspiration; Photodonuts, 2011 (link)
[Photography] City Girls; KNEON Magazine November Issue, 2010 (link)
[Photography] You’re Like Breathing; Racing Minds October Issue, 2010 (link)
[Photography] Seen on Pg 66; Edie Magazine Autumn Issue, 2010 (link)