Travelling to China

I was born in Beijing and lived in China for 11 years. After I moved to North America, I still returned to China frequently and travelled extensively throughout Beijing as well as its southern provinces Hunan and Yunnan. I know the country well and have advised friends on travel itinerary throughout China on many occasions. Having once called this country home, I still feel very drawn to it and want to introduce it to as many people as possible. Here are two basic itinerary for those wanting to visit China.

1) Want to hit up the most developed cities in China, visit the tourist attractions and hiking the Great Wall of China? Then going to the Chinese capital followed by a trip to Shanghai is a must, but why not also stop by Nanjing – one of the earliest established cities in China – and check out the scenery along the way.

Itinerary: Beijing > Shanghai > Nanjing
Photos and details of my trip below:

Hiking The Great Wall of China
A Photo Tour of Beijing
A Photo Tour of Pudong, Shanghai
Highlights From The World Exposition 2010 in Shanghai, China




2) If you’d like to get away from the touristy places and get to the more tropical regions for a quiet vacation and enjoy the scenery  then head south to Yunnan and Hunnan province. There you’ll find Lijiang – the Venice of China – and some beautiful landscapes.

Itinerary: Kunming > Dali > Lijiang > Changsha > ZhangJiaJie National Forest Park
Photos and details of my trip below:

The Real Mountains of Avatar
Snapshots from Yunnan, China
My Lijiang
A Forest of Stone in Kunming China
A Day in Dali, Yunnan
Photos from Suburban Changsha
Chinese Traditions of a Cemetery Visit


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