Helsinki and Farewell

In June 2012, I left for a grand journey to explore Scandinavia: 5 countries, 8 cities, and a countless numbers of boat rides and road trips. I ate strange foods, hiked mountains and glaciers, and met up with friends old and new. This post is from part of that trip. You can read more of my trip through the Nordic here. 

I’m back in Helsinki, more than 1 month after I first arrived here at the beginning of my trip across Scandinavia. And what a trip it has been! I covered 5 countries, 7 major cities, countless small towns, and crossed the Baltic sea, twice. It was almost serendipitous to end the trip where I first started it all, back in the Finnish capital. Although I touched down at the Helsinki airport while traveling to Oslo Norway, this was my chance to actually spend time in the city and take in more of Finland.

Helsinki had three imposing churches with impressive architecture, but photographically it was disappointing. In part because I didn’t have a lot of time in the city to really observe the locals, and in part because I felt Finland was too similar to Sweden and Norway. Photographing my way around the globe has allowed me to learn about the type of traveler I am. This trip has taught me that I am more about culture and street photography than nature and architecture. But I digress.

This has been a fun trip for so many reasons, and I will have to do a proper round-up of everything once I’m back to “the true north strong and free”. Until then, goodbye scenic Scandinavia. And happy travels to all of you!


4 responses to “Helsinki and Farewell

  1. I would agree with you on street photography. Structures are great but street shots really capture a unique part of a people and city.

  2. Helsinki architecture closely resembles Russia. During cold war American movies were shot in Helsinki when they needed pretend that the setting was Russia. The history has it that the first village in place of Helsinki was built by Swedes, but then later moved by Russians closer to St. Petersburg. This is the reason for the Russian architecture and why Helsinki is quite different from the rest of Scandinavia.

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