Snapshots from Cuba

Last month, I had the opportunity to visit the largest island in the Caribbean – Cuba. The focus of my trip was to learn about the people of Cuba: to learn about how they lived, their customs and cultural practices, and their everyday challenges.

A month later, I still think about the children in the rural communities, the guide who sang Guantanamera as we sailed down the river, the farmers on the sugar cane ranch, the taxi driver who bought gas on the black market, and the musicians and dancers who welcomed me at my arrival. I wish I could have spent more time with each one of them – to hear their stories, to exchange jokes and smiles, and to capture unrepeatable moments.

Here are a few snapshots from Cuba:

Getting locals to help push our taxi, after running out of gas and the engine breaking down
A horse-drawn wagon, in the countrysideThe attendant at the information booth at the entrance of a Varahicacos Ecological ReserveAn African dance group, performing in Matanzas provinceA sugar cane farmerA group of youth cyclists, training in Varadero.
A wonderful band, performing at a roadside cafeAn old man and his bull, in the ranches of Matanzas.

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