Best Places to Eat in San Francisco North Panhandle

Before I moved to San Francisco, I heard a lot about the delicious food that awaited me in the city. Friends told me to prepare myself for the cheap and diverse cuisine full of organic and local ingredients. To check out just exactly what was in store for my tastebuds, I went on the NoPa/Alama Square walking tour with Gourmet Walks where their experts showed me the best foodie spots in San Francisco’s North Panhandle neighborhood. Here are some photo highlights from the tour. For more details, read my article on How to Eat Like a Local in San Francisco’s North Panhandle, on Untapped Cities.

Little Star Pizza
846 Divisadero Street

Trying out the namesake pizza at Little Star, popular for their Chicago-style deep dish pizzas. 

Chile Pies
314 Church Street

Sweet or savory? They have something for whatever you are in the mood for. 
306 Broderick Street

California has some great Mexican restaurants like Nopalito. How about some fish taco’s, with catch fresh from the Monterey Bay? 
1302 Fulton Street 
Having just returned from Japan, a sip of the sake they have on tap took me right back to my trip. 
The Mill
736 Divisadero Street
The cafe hangout for all the locals. 

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