Quest for beaches in south Bali, Indonesia

10pm. The water shimmers, rays of orange from the pool light shoots under the water.

“Alright, cheers!” The 3 friends and I toast a drink. All is quiet in the back alley, leading away from the main street and into the entrance of our Bali villa. The land here in Seminyak used to be rice fields, now they are luxury villas for rent.

I tilt my head back and look at the stars, you can’t see these from my condo in downtown Toronto. And for a second, my thoughts drift back to this morning.

“What’s the deal today?” C. pours some orange juice for himself, but not before offering the container for the rest of the table. The four of us are sitting around the dining table, wolfing down a hearty breakfast.

“Beach” I mumble between bites and use the side of my fork to cut my eggs.

“Which one?” MJ cleans off the last piece of toast from his plate.

“All of them” E. smirks.

In the taxi van, I stare out the window and hold on to my backpack. The roads are filled with potholes. 3 days ago, we saw a woman fall from her scooter as she went over a hole in the street, E. helped her straighten her ride before she rode off.

At 10 in the morning, the sun beams down on us in 35C degree weather. Summer has already ended in Toronto but I’m not sure Bali ever sees cooler weather. The boys roll up their sleeves as we walk on the beach and try to get rid of their tan lines.

It doesn’t take long to find a good spot in the sand and lay back. I close my eyes and dose in and out of sleep.

The tree house in our Bali villa
Villa Mareva, or as we called it – the Cabin. 
Scooters is the primary mode of transportationMonkeys at Uluwatu, some are less friendly than they seem
Uluwatu temple
Padang Padang beachA drink at Blue Heaven, overlooking Padang Padang
Jimbaran beach
Jimbaran beach market, embrace the chaos
Every few hours, we’d wake up from our naps under the sun and ask our driver to take us to another spot: Padang Padang, Uluwatu, Jimbaran. From the sorts of patrons to the feel of the sand and color of the water, each beach is unique in its own way. Each view looked like a postcard.
Keeping track of time quickly becomes pointless as I settle into the pace of life in Bali. And just like that, another beautiful day in Bali passes before us. 
Splash. C. jumps into the pool for a midnight swim and break my thoughts. We all follow suit. In a matter of seconds, we are splashing water and joking around. 
“What would you do if money was no object?” E. stops from doing laps to pose the ever so philosophical question and takes a sip of his beer. 
The water glistens in the night. 
“Keep traveling” we stare off into the night. 

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