Grouse Grind | Vancouver

“I should not have eaten that trail mix crepe” I moaned and put my hand on my stomach. “It tasted awful anyways, who on earth would even want to eat a crepe that tastes like freaking trail mix” We were only 1/4 of the way on the Grouse Grind and with each step, I regretted having a second breakfast that morning even more. 
“But you ate the whole thing” Alex countered. 
“Urgh… next time stop me!” 

The Grouse Grind is a local’s favorite hike in Vancouver. On any summer weekend, its paths are always packed. But on this particular morning, an over-stuffed me was not enjoying the scenic route. Although the Grind is only 3kms in length, don’t underestimate its difficulty with a 800m elevation. Even if it only takes1 hour to reach the summit, it’s as if you are on the stair master with the resistance turned all the way up for the entire hour.

Lucky for me, I had some great hiking companions. Alex even brought a compass and binoculars for the hike. Although I was not allowed to challenge him on why he thought we would ever need directions on a well-marked trail.

Even though those crepes really did taste awful, it ended up providing me with the energy boost I needed to finish the second half of the hike smoothly. On a clear day, the view at the top of the Grind is stunning. The whole city of Vancouver laid in front of my eyes.  

I stood at the lookout for about 3 mins before turning to Alex, “Hey, are you hungry?”

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