Lake Huron Road Trip

The first of many cottage weekends has officially started in Canada. As a first time cottage-goer, I could not pass up the chance to take a road trip from Toronto around Lake Huron for an unique cottage weekend.
Six hour drive from Toronto, Lake Huron boasts pure natural, fresh air, quiet towns, and thousands of islands. On the drive up, Alex and I stopped at Parry Sound and spotted endless lines at the local liquor store – the city folks were all getting ready for their cottage weekend. But we were not on this road trip to drink an escape from the typical 9-5 work day, we were on an adventure to soak in all that northern Ontario had to offer. With Jack Kerouac’s On the Road in the glove compartment, we vowed to drive as far north as we could.

This took us to Manitoulin – the largest freshwater island in the world – in Lake Huron. We settled there for the night and ate at the only restaurant within a 30-mins drive of our accommodation. Nevermind the town’s population of 200 was smaller than my graduating high school class, and that the only grocery store was one town over, I was content. This was true Ontario. I had an abundance of empty beaches, locally grown honey, maple, and jam, no pollution, and a lot of lighthouses and hiking trails to keep me company.


4 responses to “Lake Huron Road Trip

  1. I love Lake Huron! I have a cottage there in Michigan. Beautiful photos as always xx

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