Three Travel Startups To Look Out For

I’ve always been close to the startup and tech scene, and if there’s an opportunity to combine tech and travel, I’m all for it. I have kept my eye out for travel start-ups. Here are three that I particularly like:

Lately there’s been a lot of interest around map making and redefining what maps should look like, from creative designs to crowd-sourced images. Maptia has yet to be released but it’s already building momentum by collaborating with various travellers on their blog.  I found myself doing an interview on travel photography for them a few months ago. I’m looking forward to their launch in summer 2013.

I hate reading online reviews and I’m glad Triptease is giving reviews a facelift by putting photographs at the heart of the review. I’ve tried my hand at writing a few reviews on Las Vegas and New Orleans and the experience was easy, visual, and I found myself wanting to actually invest more time in writing reviews because it felt like blogging.

Peek caught my attention just this past weekend. I was casually clicking through their website and found myself dying to check out Hawaii with the different activities that Peek offered. I also enjoyed their Tastemaker Perfect Day stories where celebrity guests share their favourite way to spend 24 hours in a place.


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