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I haven’t been feeling well in the last few days, fighting a virus has left me stuck in bed for most of the day. I don’t exactly have the mental acuteness to write a lengthy blog post today but thought I would point you guys to the blogs of some travel photographers whom I follow. This is by no means an exhaustive list but I do genuinely enjoy the work of everyone on listed below. Here I’ve included some big names but also added some photographer who are less known in the industry.

Norway, tracy zhang travel photographer

Following the work of other photographers is very important: it’s wonderful to see other professionals in the industry succeed, some of these guys are also great educators and I’ve learned a lot from reading their blog, in addition, looking at their images also help train my eye stylistically.

  1. Chase Jarvis: well-known commercial photographer and educator,
  2. Ken Kaminesky: travel photographer specializing in HDR images;
  3. David duChemin: world humanitarian photographer and educator from Vancouver;
  4. Bonnie Tsang: lifestyle photographer based in LA;
  5. Peggy Wong: travel and lifestyle photographer, also a designer;
  6. Dave Delnea: commercial photographers from Vancouver;
  7. Chris Ozer: captures stunning imagery (mostly) of NY;
  8. Nick Hall: commercial photographer and filmmaker doing a lot of adventure work;
  9. Joey L: Canadian commercial photographer with great vision;
  10. Jessie Webster: lifestyle and interior photographer with contemporary style;


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