Where to Shop in Kensington Market Toronto

I love spring in Toronto because the energy in the city is elevated to an 11. It seems that the residence were weighed down by the darkness and cold of winter, and are now ready to come out of hibernation and welcome the warmer weather.

I spent the first weekend of early spring wandering Kensington Market with Natalie of Near Afar who showed me her favorite shops in the Market. Here are 5 of the businesses that we had the chance to visit on our tour of Kengsington:

Crows Nest Barber
35 Kensington Ave.
Toronto, ON M5T 2J8

A classy barber shop that reminds of an older time. I walked into the shop thinking I had gone back to another decade.

Sanagan’s Meat Locker
176 Baldwin St.
Toronto ON M5T 1L8

Peter Sanagan has a great story of how he began his shop. I highly recommend reading the About section of his website to learn more about his love of butchery.

Thomas Lavers
193 Baldwin St.
Toronto ON M5T 1L8

A new pasta shop that opened a few months ago, Thomas Lavers caught my attention when I noticed Steve Gonzalez making fresh pastas in the window. I highly recommend a visit to the shop, if only to enjoy the aroma of fresh pasta and sauces that fill the space.

7 Lives Taco
214 Augusta Ave.
Toronto, ON M5T 2L7

Natalie had been talking about this taco place all week leading up to our visit, so naturally we made a beeline for 7 Lives the moment we got to Kensington. This was my first visit to 7 Lives and the tacos were very delicious. Go try their gobernador taco!

The Sublime Cafe
219 Augusta Avenue
Toronto, ON

Sublime welcomes you with a wall of records for purchase, can you think of a better way to jazz up your coffee experience?

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