Photographically Speaking, from David duChemin

There’s no better time to write about David’s book than having just finished it. One of the first thoughts is how dense this book is, Photographically Speaking is packed with information and knowledge. I have yet to meet many photographers who are as effusive with their words as David, but I suspect that’s because he writes just as he photographs – with intent. 

Part One of the book covers technical theories like composition and contrast. After having just read The Photographer’s Eye by Michael Freeman – a highly technical book covering the foundations of photography – I thought I would skim through this part briefly. To my surprise, I was intrigued by the numerous analogies Dave uses to describe photography theories and found myself  taking longer than expected to digest David’s writing. 

My favourite section of the book is Part Two of Photographically Speaking where Dave dissects 20 of his own images using the theories he had previously covered. I’m glad that he included some of my favorite images of his in this part, and that Dave left no stone unturned in analyzing the images. He covers the point of view, lens used, shutter speed, intention, color, and even the shortcomings of the images. The book is great for those with a strong grasp of techniques and looking to take their images from beginner to intermediate level. Here are a few of my favorites snaps from the book:


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