Slow Travel in Eastern Europe

In early 2010, I embarked on a two-week trip through Central Eastern Europe. To date, it is one of my most memorable trips and one of the most well-received trips on the blog. I had flown into Budapest from London Heathrow, I arrived close to midnight and was unnerved at finding my way to my hostel. This was one of the first times that I had travelled alone on a multi-country tip. But I shouldn’t have been concerned. Budapest welcomed me with warm hearts – despite its cold February weather. From there, I ventured to Vienna, the capital of Austria. There, I enjoyed Opera and spent entire days wondering different museums. During my stay in Vienna, I had overheard people at my hostel talking about going to Bratislava on a day trip. So I spent 16 euros on the trip as well; Slovakia was a quaint day trip from Austria. And from there, I headed to Prague – a gorgeous city that’s bustling with energy. My favorite city of the entire trip, Prague showed me its hidden gems and taught me and how to enjoy Czech beer.

For anybody wondering about going to this part of Eastern Europe, I highlight recommend this trip. It’s do-able in 10 days but more pleasant with 14. You’ll love it.

Itinerary: Budapest > Vienna > Bratislava > Prague 
To see photos and read my journal from each leg of the trip, click below.

People and Sights in Budapest Hungary
Enjoying Art & Music in Vienna 
Stumbling Upon Bratislava
Prague, Like A Picturesque Dream

bratislava castle

bratislava prague

Prague bridge

Prague city

Vienna church

Budapest cathedral


2 responses to “Slow Travel in Eastern Europe

  1. Prague is a beautiful city, and I am not saying just because I was born there:) but I have to say it was much more beautiful and photogenic before the tourists invasion. It is now a very commercial city geared towards serving thousands and thousands of tourist who “invade” every year. It loses its charm and innocent beauty.

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