More Free Photography Resources For You

As I write more and share more content on here, it’s becoming more clear to me that I’d like to turn Just-In-Time Travels into a place for education and providing photography resources for fellow travelers. I will still be putting up photographs from the places I’ve been to, and in addition, writing more tips and tricks like Three Ways To Improve Your Travel Photos, and How to Backup Your Images on the Road

With that decision, I’m also migrating this blog from WordPress to Blogger. All the content will still be on I hope you find the new content engaging and truly helpful, if you are not already doing so, follow along on this new adventure:

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Onwards and upwards!



3 responses to “More Free Photography Resources For You

  1. Hey Tracy, I’ve been following your site for a while in the reader and just saw you’re switching to Blogger. Bummer! I’d love to hear some insight on what’s driving the switch. Do you mind dropping those reasons here or shooting me an email? (my address should be attached to this comment).

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