Brooklyn Bridge in Black and White

When I was in New York, I met up with a friend to explore the city and I insisted that we walk across the Brooklyn Bridge. It was a terribly touristy thing to do but I felt it necessary for the sake of getting some images if anything else. I have to say, perhaps it was because of the overcast weather and heavy fog, the experience was underwhelming. But, it did give me an opportunity to play with some black and white images.

Brooklyn Bridge in B&WBrooklyn Bridge 1

When the weather is grey and the colors in the photographs are muted, one of my favorite things to do is to turn the photos into black and whites. This preference is rooted in my B&W film photography days. Oh how I love myself some B&Ws. Here is a tip for doing black and white images, the key is in the contrast. I always try to get my blacks to look darker, whites to look brighter, and the other colors in between to show range in contrast. This way you create a strong, dynamic image without worrying the image falling flat due to lack of colors.

Brooklyn Bridge 2Brooklyn Bridge - 4Brooklyn Bridge - 3


10 responses to “Brooklyn Bridge in Black and White

  1. I’ve found the Brooklyn Bridge the most pain in the rear when it come to photography. When I was there, everyone was bumping into me every 2 seconds so I really had to try not get tramble, also, I was scare of height so I was paranoid that I would drop my camera into the water below LOL. And I was there in the afternoon on St. Patrick’s Day so I’m sure I had that against me too LOL. But I did get some interesting perspectives that day though. Photography aside, walking on the Brooklyn Bridge is an awesome feeling, especially if it was your first time 🙂

    • Photographing in big crowds is definitely challenging, I went on a pretty quiet morning so I didn’t have as much problems. It was fun to walk across the bridge once.

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