The Photographer’s Eye by Michael Freeman

I have long suspected that my preference for physical books to e-readers stem from my early education in film photography, where I learned to love the texture and weight of film prints in my hands. I enjoy reading fiction and nonfiction alike, but I tend to donate those books after I read them. The only exception is photography books.

Michael Freeman

Michael Freeman’s book, The Photographer’s Eye, is the staple of my photo book collection. It is a classic teaching manual on the fundamentals of making a great photograph. Michael Freeman offers theory on design, color, contrast, and intent without being overly technical in his language. When I first got this book, I was already 3 years into my photography career, but I held onto it because of the level of detail in which Freeman discusses the key elements of photography.

My resolution for 2013 is to read one photo book a month. I revisited The Photographer’s Eye for my January book since it is a great refresher on photography fundamentals. For February, I’ll be reading David Duchemin’s Photographically Speaking, follow along!

What else should I be reading? Leave a recommendation below.


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