Photo Sets & New Projects

When I met up with fellow photographer Sivan Askayo in New York, we got to talking about her project “Intimacy Under the Wire”. I expressed that I also wanted to do a personal project but couldn’t find something that struck a chord with me.

Personal projects are a healthy creative practice for photographers. It allows you to perfect your craft over a consistent period of time. It is a long-term practice in theme, concept, and vision. Street photographer Eric Kim did a piece on starting personal projects that will be helpful for any photography newcomers thinking about their own projects. There are many personal project ideas: 365 day project, 52 week project, self portraits. But I wasn’t interested in any project templates. I wanted to work on something that was entirely my own, like Sivan’s “Intimacy Under the Wire”. I wanted something that I would stumble upon almost by accident, yet feel compelled to continue polishing for months, if not years, after.

Sivan suggested that I flip through my images and look for patterns, photos that could work together as a series. Upon returning home, I did this exercise with my most recent shots from New York, Seattle, New Orleans, and Vancouver, and came up with more than a few good ideas for personal projects. I might just decide to pursue one of these in the near future!


Lately I’ve been noticing these joyful methods of transportation from Toronto to New Orleans. Visually, I am drawn to the colors of the vehicle like the pop of red on the left image. Although I don’t feel a strong connection to the subject, it would certainly make for an interesting project if I were able to continue it.

ScootersDoors & Windows

This set of images immediately jumped out at me, I’ve been a long time fan of interesting door ways and windows. I’ve always like photographing different shapes and crafts and this subject lends itself nicely.

Doors Windows


My favorite color, a timeless classic. It is no surprise that the scooter shot was red and the Doors & Windows I found were against a red background. The color carries different meaning in different cultures: love, lust, death. I would love to build a collection of 25-30 images from around the world with a strong red color focus. This project could lend itself to so many possibilities.

10,000 Feet

In profiling a location for a travel story, an overview shot of the city is almost always necessary, so I always have this image in my arsenal of photos. To date, I have built up a collection of images shot from high up, that gives an overview of the destinations from “10,000 feet”.






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