Passing Through Seattle

A pitstop in the northwest whilst on my way home to Vancouver led me to Seattle. As a travel photographer, I enjoy visiting local markets everywhere I go and this Washington city was no exception. Of course, famous for its Pike Place Market, Seattle showed me its abundance of seafood and fresh produce. I also couldn’t resist a stop at the first Starbucks and famous piroshkis.

I have thought about moving to Seattle a few times in the last year. I have heard that the city is beautiful when it’s sunny, but I think I would go crazy with 10 months of rain every year. If you’re wondering why I have been stressing over moving lately – and writing about whether I should move to California – it’s because I am moving next summer. Although I’m settled in Toronto, I have little ties to the city and I’m on the hunt for my next home. In the last few months, I have narrowed down potential optionals to Asia, Singapore or Tokyo to be specific, or California.

If you could move to anywhere in the world, where would you go?

Seattle DSC_2552 DSC_2588 DSC_2576 DSC_2595 DSC_2566 DSC_2596 DSC_2602


10 responses to “Passing Through Seattle

  1. If I could move anywhere, it would be either somewhere in Japan, London, or San Francisco, then end up moving back to where I grew up. If all goes well, I will be living in Japan by the end of this year ;;

  2. Your pictures of the market are gorgeous! I’ve lived in Seattle for about 12 years now. To be honest, it doesn’t rain as much as everyone thinks, but we do get a LOT of gray, overcast days. The lack of sun can get pretty gloomy and depressing. On the other hand, the city IS stunning during our 2 months of summer (July-August, sometimes Sept), and it’s pretty funny to be part of the collective freak-out sun-worshipping masses during that time.

    If you’re thinking California, I’d stay away from LA. I grew up in that area and the smog is terrible. San Diego and San Francisco are lovely, though, and if I could live anywhere, it would probably be one of those cities or Rome. I kinda love Rome.

    I haven’t been anywhere in Asia yet, but I have a few friends living in South Korea who love it there! I’ve also heard great things about Japan. Good luck narrowing down your options!

  3. Stumbled onto your blog as the theme is similar. But some lovely pictures you have out here. 🙂
    I like clicking pictures, myself, but am yet to come to terms with all the photographic jargon. Also, I own a DigiCam and not a DSLR. Still, I try my best with whatever I got!

    Really nice blog! 🙂

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