The City of Lafayette

New Orleans was not on my radar until work took me there this December. The trip down to 25C weather was a humid and pleasant break from the flurries of Toronto. I spent the first morning in Lafayette cemetery No. 1. I’ve always liked photographing cemeteries –  I actually used to live by a cemetery and remember shooting in it often. I like the way the light sets on the rows of tombs, and the feeling of solitude.

You can learn a lot of history in cemeteries. Did you know that rocks placed on top of the tombs mean family has recently visited? Or that there was actually a place called the Society fo Destitute Orphan Boys in New Orleans? Nostalgia washed over I strolled through rows of tombs. It’s somewhat daunting standing on the same grounds that people have walked on hundreds of years before. And it got me thinking, what would the world look like 100 years from now?

cemetery new orleanslafayette cemetery 5Layfaette 2cemeteryLafayette 3lafayetteNew Orleans 1lafayette 4New Orleanslafayette cemeterylafayette cemetery 1
I’d like to thank the New Orleans Convention & Visitors Bureau and Maison St. Charles for helping me arrange my trip. I toured the cemetery with Free Tours by Foot, and gladly recommend them. 

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