Authentic New Orleans

European influences are hard to miss in this city. In New Orleans, street names are in French or Spanish. I spent my first few hours in the city on foot, with my camera. The air was humid and thick, everyone was waiting for a thunderous rainfall.

In the Garden District, impressive and expensive properties caught people’s attention. But I was more interested in the grand mansions that have long been left unmaintained. With large balconies and tropical greens overgrowing on the front porch, it is not hard to imagine these houses in their previous glories. The Garden District receives its name from the large houses – and large gardens – in the area. The secluded and relatively inexpensive area is home to many celebrities like the Manning brothers and Sandra Bullock.

Across town, Brad Pitt has a property in the French Quarter where jazz clubs and bars line the narrow streets. As I strolled pass the shops, I am greeted by the southern hospitality that I had heard about and find myself drawn to. For a moment, I am surprised at strangers smiling at me and saying hello, but quickly adapt to the local warmth. I smile back at the restaurant owner who calls me “miss sugar” and “baby”.

Garden District 3French QuarterMagazine StNew Orleans redFrench QtrFrench Qtr 5French Quarter 4French Quarter 3French Quarter 1Coliseum StMag StFrench Qtr 3

I’d like to thank the New Orleans Convention & Visitors Bureau and Maison St. Charles for helping me arrange set a wonderful trip down south. 


8 responses to “Authentic New Orleans

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  2. lovely pictures tracy! i still remember my trip to new orleans like it was yesterday. i was there in 1997! and it is just the same, it seems , from your pictures. bright, ‘talkative’ buildings with lots of music and cheer in the air, no matter the hardships and struggles. that’s what i love about that city. a true beacon of finding hope through music come rain or shine.

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