All Roads Lead To The CN Tower

Let’s just be honest here, I am not good with direction.

When I first moved to Toronto in the summer of 2010, I would get lost all the time. The only route I knew for the first 2 weeks was how to get from my apartment to my office and back – it was a 20 min walk each way. I once got lost 2 blocks from my apartment… yeah, told you, not so good with directions. So my local friends gave me a tip: look for the CN tower to find your way.

In downtown Toronto, the unique shape of the CN tower make it unmissable in the sea of condos and office buildings. It’s at the south end of downtown and near the water. I eventually became so accustomed to orientating myself using the CN tower that I even found a new apartment right at the base of it.

This way, I’ll never get lost again… hopefully.

My apartment view, Instagrammed =)

8 responses to “All Roads Lead To The CN Tower

  1. this is a cool place if you are in toronto. Just a one time, been there, done that sight. Nothing too spectacular. too touristy of course. Still recommended since I forgot what other places are of interest in Toronto. Toronto is still a great city.

  2. It is the whole east coast / west coast thing..west coast has so much more natural beauty (Mighty Pacific, significant mountains) and the people are nicer 🙂

  3. Same happened to me when I first moved to Toronto in winter 2010 🙂 locals told me about the CN tower to know the south and Younge St. that separate east from west. For me that was so new as i Came from the middle east where we don't have such way for direction!

    I miss the city

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