A Stanford Education

There is an energy about the Stanford campus – a sense of liveliness and excitement. I think they call it “college”.

I had gone to photograph Stanford University with a fellow photographer and family friend Andrew. I had spent the previous night and all morning looking at Andrew’s distinct black and white close-ups of nature and architecture, which in turn made me focus more on contrast and details on my visit to the campus. I had to photograph the location in harsh afternoon light, which casted harsh shadows and overexposed highlights. Although it is not the best light for images, I’m not always able to avoid photographing outdoors at high noon. In this case, I played up the contract of shadows and light. I also enjoy shooting against the light and spent most of the afternoon creating sun flares.

The more I visit California, the more I’m realizing that the overcast fall and winter in Toronto has made me want to photograph less. By the nature of being a travel photographer, I prefer to shoot in natural light, and the lack of it in Canadian winter is slowly eroding my creative soul. Hopefully, when we get more snow up in the true North I’ll feel more inspired. Until then, I’ll always have California.

I am told that long shots of these hallways are the hallmark Stanford shot. 


9 responses to “A Stanford Education

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      • lol..I grew up in Palo Alto and know Stanford well…but went to school at Bezerkeley….many years ago…but you will find much more to photograph there…more classical building architecture and just a beautiful campus…Stanford always seemed kind of boring to me….probably because I grew up so near the campus.

  2. Tincup is correct at what he/she said about Berkley & Stanford… even though I went to neither, I can vouch for it! Stanford campus looks like a cemetery of some kind – an abandoned east european castle. No students “laying around”, no chics to look at… college? I think not!

    • LMAO…”like a cemetery…abandoned east euro castle…no chics to look at…lol…thanks for the laugh today. Yes the woman at Berkeley were quite nice as well as the atmosphere of the campus…Stanford always made me feel sleepy…never mind I wasn’t smart enough to get in there in the first place 🙂

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