Wine, Gapes And Napa

I’ve never been a big wine drinker, but after a weekend in Napa California, I might just have to rethink this one through. October is a great time in Napa, not only because it is a sunny break from the brisk Autumn in Toronto, but also because so many out of town guests swarm to this part of California to join in on harvest festivities.

I sampled wine at several wineries in Napa, a few of them big but many small and family-owned. Luckily for me, my hotel had partnerships with a few wineries in the area which allowed me to visit vineyards for free tastings. After a few rounds of tastings and a stone-baked pizza, I was finally ready to put down the wine glass and pick up my camera to capture the beauty of the region.

I spent most of my time wondering through private vineyards and admiring the Italian influence of the surrounding buildings. The dark grapes and gorgeous vineyards made me want to move to an vineyard desperately. My favorite winery was, by far, St. Clement. Situated on top of a small hill, St. Clement’s wine tasting house has a stunning view of its own acres and nearby vineyards. Its house is tastefully decorated and has a lovely swinging bench on the front porch.

I highly recommend a visit to Napa for anybody passing through the area. As for me, I couldn’t get enough of the seeing the grapes bathe in the orange afternoon sun, and I’ll definitely be returning to capture more of Napa soon.


3 responses to “Wine, Gapes And Napa

  1. Hi Tracy,
    It was nice to find your blog on wp. I am also very much in travel photography. I was enjoying the beauty in your Napa valley photos. I have never been there but maybe one day!
    Have a nice day :).

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