Santa Cruz Blues

Psst, you’re about to view a post with a lot of images. Want to know how I got my photographs like that? Let me show you..

Last month when I was in San Francisco, I wrote about the salt water and ocean breeze that made me feel like home. For my most recent stay in California, I opted to stay in the Valley. I didn’t want to give up the ocean so I spent some time in Santa Cruz where the beach and the boardwalk were bustling with visitors.

I captured plenty of blues in the images from Santa Cruz and then I realized – blue is a funny color, there are so many hues of blue, even in things as universal as the ocean, and the sky. The blues I captured in Santa Cruz were different than the hazy and misty blues of San Francisco. In Santa Cruz, the blues were sunburnt, sand-filled, and faded.

In Santa Cruz, the blues were worn out from the numerous sunbathers who had visited the area time and time again.


6 responses to “Santa Cruz Blues

  1. Great pics! Brings back lots of memories of youth. Spent time at the boardwalk, beach, arcade and carnival there every summer. Still picturing the water slide and tea cups from years ago. 🙂

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