Warming Up to Sunny California

California, we meet again.

While I faced what I considered to be freezing temperatures when I visited San Francisco over the summer, October in California welcomed me with no shortage of sun. On this trip, I left San Francisco for the warmer temperatures of the Valley. With every visit to California, I am also considering moving here next year since I will have no official ties to Toronto when my apartment lease is up in the summer of 2013.

It would certainly be nice to be on the west coast again but a side of me is also concerned that moving to California means giving up the opportunity to move somewhere far and foreign – maybe Asia (it certainly has been a long time since I lived there), or maybe South America (which would be a first for me). There is still plenty of time to think this through, and while I am deciding, I have to admit,  warm weekends like the one I had in Santa Cruz certainly makes moving to sunny Cali very tempting.

Yours, cozying up to California.

I walked by this house and just loved its simple decor. Looking out to the Santa Cruz boardwalk


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