A Short Stay on Granville Island, Vancouver

It came and went. Before I could even tell my friends and family about it, I was home.

I’m lucky that my work sometimes takes me home , or at least close to it. Last month, I got to spend a short week in Vancouver on a business trip. Long time readers know that I live and breathe the city. Although I’m not sure that my work life will ever allow me to relocate back there, it will always be home.

On a mild Sunday, I took a quick trip to one of my favorite island markets with some old friends. Granville Island is a perfect getaway when Vancouverites cannot get away from the city itself. Attached to the mainland, and accessible by pubic transportation from land and sea, Granville Island has all the ingredients for an afternoon getaway:  markets, street performers, food, sun, and the water. Sadly, I did not appreciated Granville Island enough when I was living in Vancouver. Now I can only make up time with every possible visit.

And I do so happily.

A street performer on stilts.
Handmade tiles for sale in the market. A pop of color spotted by the water.


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