San Francisco Blues

The first time I ever set foot in San Francisco was in 2006, and everything about it felt like home. It was December but I could still see how beautiful the city was, despite the heavy rain. I remember going to the beach and watching brave surfers ride the waves on those cold mornings. I watched runners jog pass the Pier as I wondered aimlessly around the waterfront. I watched business people in suits, hustling their way through the downtown core. For the first time in years, I tried my hand at tennis. And every night, I slept like a baby to the calming rhythm of the ocean waves.

When I was in San Francisco last month, I spent most of my time on the water with a gorgeous view of the city’s skyline. I’ve missed the water oh so much since moving to Toronto in early July. I miss the smelling the salt in the air. I miss watching children playing on the beach. Toronto is fun in its own right but for me, the ocean will always be home.


9 responses to “San Francisco Blues

  1. […] Last month when I was in San Francisco, I wrote about the salt water and ocean breeze that made me feel like home. For my most recent stay in California, I opted to stay in the Valley. I didn’t want to give up the ocean so I spent some time in Santa Cruz where the beach and the boardwalk were bustling with visitors. […]

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