Crossing the Golden Gate Bridge

I have been to the Golden Gate Bridge a handful of times, and taken the Alcatraz boat cruise that goes directly below it on two separate occasions, but I had never actually been on the bridge, until a few weeks ago.

I couldn’t resist the numerous bike rental shops around Pier 41 so I picked up a bike at Blazing Saddles and headed for a bridge. The topic of my desperately out of shape cardio aside, the ride across Golden Gate Bridge was amazing. The wind was strong, as expected, but “blazing” across the water was a great thrill.

The ride ended at sunny Sausalito, across the bay and a ferry ride away back to the Pier where I started. The entire afternoon spent biking reminded me so much of the my west coast home that I miss. Vancouver and San Francisco are both perfect cities for a very healthy and active lifestyle. The weather is comfortably mild for much of the near, with mountains and waterfront at the doorstep.

One day I will move back to the west coast, but for now I’ll have to settle for frequent visits to San Francisco on some good airfare and having rode across the Golden Gate Bridge.


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