A New Home in Toronto!

After spending a month backpacking through hidden parts of China and another month road-tripping across Scandinavia, I received a lot of questions of “Where to next?”

Well, for starters, I moved permanently to Toronto Canada and found a homebase with a sweet view of the CN Tower. In spending the latter part of summer in Toronto, I got to indulge in Asian street food at the local night market. I attended a beautiful wedding in rural Ontario. And I returned to my favorite farmer’s market in St. Jacobs County. But having a new home didn’t stop me from pursuing foreign affairs. I travelled to San Francisco in August where I stayed in a lovely hotel by the Oakland bay bridge, biked across the Golden Gate Bridge, and indulged in breakfast at a delicious French cafe.

While I didn’t get to snap too many pictures with my SLR, I did grab some sweet shots on my phone. Here are some Instagram photos from Toronto and San Francisco.

More photos on Instagram: @tracyzhangphoto



Happy Travels!

10 responses to “A New Home in Toronto!

  1. Been here all my life! Toronto is a great city with awesome multicultural foods to offer 😀 but I'm relatively new to the blog world… arrived at your site indirectly through your Chinese Traditions of a Cemetery Visit. I've been to several of the places in your portfolio… nice work 🙂 I'm a website administrator currently for a local camera store. Let me know if you need gear 😛

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