Changing of the Guard at Stockholm Royal Palace

In June 2012, I left for a grand journey to explore Scandinavia: 5 countries, 8 cities, and a countless numbers of boat rides and road trips. I ate strange foods, hiked mountains and glaciers, and met up with friends old and new. This post is from part of that trip. You can read more of my trip through the Nordic here. 

While the Swedish royal family no longer live at the Palace, the guards are real and the tourists are eager to experience the daily parade and concert at Stockholm’s Royal Palace. I, too, could not resist being a part of the enthusiasm. On a hot Wednesday, I found myself on my toes, 3 rows deep among a crowd of tourists, hoping to catch a glimpse of the royal affair.


4 responses to “Changing of the Guard at Stockholm Royal Palace

  1. WOOW. There are tons of tourists! I never knew that haha…
    THe weather seems nice, so lucky you!
    I would love to visit Stockholm one day! What did you think of the country and its people?

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