Capture the Color: Across the World in 5 Colors

These days I’ve noticed a fun travel photography competition going around by TravelSupermarket called Capture the Colour. It’s been circulating around the net on various blogs so I thought I’d take part as well. This is also the first time I have participated in one of these travel blogging competitions, and it makes me excited to get a little bit more involved in the online travel community this way. So here we go!

My most memorable international holiday was getting to spend St. Patrick’s Day in Dublin. The energy there was unbelievable. I camped out at a spot along the parade 2 hours before it actually started simply because there were so many people there, but I’m glad I did since I got some great shots, including this one of a red-uniformed marching band participating in the parade.

I have been a solo traveler for a long time, but I still enjoy traveling with my parents quite a bit. In early 2012, my mom and I went to Maui. Although it was winter season, the weather was mild and the sun was shining. We had a small picnic on the beach where I snapped this shot of seagulls taking off.

I often find architecture catching my eye when I’m traveling. I was walking back to my apartment in Changsha, China when I looked up to find this building with identical balconies. The diagonal lines immediately caught my attention.

Most people prefer to travel during the summer months but one of my best travel memories was actually spending Christmas time in Paris. I had some delicious treats at the Christmas night market along Champs-Élysées, I took this image at the Place de la Concorde in twilight before heading home. In the corder, a Parisian woman was walking by wearing a santa clause hat.

If I could pick one city call home in Europe, it would probably be Berlin. The city’s architecture, history, and colors inspired me to take thousands of pictures during my stay there. Here, I was waiting for a subway that was coming into the station. The intriguing color of the subway train inspired me to lift my camera to my eye.

My Nominations
Now, it’s your turn to do the same and share the colors you’ve captured on your journeys. I’m nominating these fine folks to share their pictures. You can also link your post in the comments below. And as always, happy travels!

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