Victoria In A Day

When I returned home to Vancouver after a month-long trip through China, I had some relatives visiting me. This was these relatives’ first time in Vancouver and they were quite keen on seeing the Butchart Gardens in Victoria. So less than 8 hours after arriving back from Beijing, I found myself boarding a ferry to Victoria, BC, despite the extreme jet leg.

But I am glad I had the opportunity to visit Victoria, because, as it turns out, I had never been there with my camera before. So after a late start to the day, we spent the early afternoon at Butchart Gardens. I had been there once 10 years ago, and the Gardens were much prettier than I had remembered. Downtown Victoria was also a bit of a surprise. I don’t remember the BC capital having so much European-influenced architecture nor such quaint waterfront shops. It was a tiring day but I have no complaints. Sometimes going to a place with my camera makes me see my surroundings in a new light.

The Butchart Gardens

Downtown Victoria The Ferry Back to Vancouver


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