My Lijiang

Having once lived in China for 11 years, I still travel there frequently. This post is from my recent trip to China and its southern provinces in May 2012. View more stories and photos from that trip and other China trips here.

Lijiang, China

Lijiang is the most beautiful city that most people have never heard of.

Lijiang is my lovechild. I adore everything about this city, from its traditional houses, tile roofs, red lanterns, to the teahouses and pubs that reside by the many serene rivers running through the city. Why did I wait 21 years before coming here? After all, this is how I remember the China I grew up in, and I am more than glad to find it again in this southern city.

Lijiang is my Venice. Its narrow streets, small bridges, and tranquil rivers remind me of a different time. Life slows down immediately the moment you set foot in this historic place. Much like the Italian city, Lijiang itself is the attraction that many come to see (and return for) year after year.

Lijiang is my yearning. When I checked out of the guesthouse where I was staying, I told the owner that I wish I didn’t have to leave so soon. She smiles, informing me that many before me have shared the same sentiment.


5 responses to “My Lijiang

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  2. I recently spent a year in China, but I didn’t get a chance to travel down south, even though I really wanted to go to Yunnan. Reaaaaally regretting it now, seeing your beautiful photos 😦

    Hopefully I’ll be able to visit this place myself someday!

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