The Window Seat On A Cross Canada Flight

I have been flying between Toronto and Vancouver so frequently for the last four years that I began to take the trip for granted. Most of the time, I spend the time on the flight sleeping, working, or watching movie (glamorous, right?). But on my flight from Toronto to Vancouver a few weeks ago, I decided to pay more attention to my surroundings and document the flight, from above.

These were all shot on my android phone, in chronological order:

Taking off in from Toronto Pearson Airport in the early evening. 
Part of Ontario experienced flurries that week, here you see which part of the province managed to dodge the snow. Flying over Ontario
The best part of the flight is getting to cruise above the Canadian rockies.The sun sets over Alberta
Finally, arriving in Vancouver
And of course, Vancouver welcomes me with typical overcast weather and rain. Can you say home sweet home?

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11 responses to “The Window Seat On A Cross Canada Flight

  1. found that the photos in this post more toward dark. i know it due to lighting… would you try to bring up the brightness of your photos in next post. Or, may be, try the new style of post processing where the photos look more bright. Just like to see how it perform, from your creation. 2 cents. 🙂

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