Windmills of Wolfe Island

After the last post on Lemoine Point, I wanted to spend more time exploring my current home base of Kingston Ontario and the surrounding area. Everyday, I look across Lake Ontario to the tall white windmills scattered on Wolfe Island. Last weekend, I finally made a trip to the island to visit these windmills in person.

I have been quite infatuated with farm life for the last few months so the trip was perfect since the island is almost entirely covered in farms. I spent a few hours on the island, driving from one end all the way to the other. The windmills are sleek, yet imposing in person. They were a strange juxtaposition against the livestock and abandoned barn houses on the island.

The relaxing part of the day was spending the evening at the General Wolfe Hotel, where I enjoyed a delicious chocolate cheesecake at its restaurant and got some work done with the free wi-fi, courtesy of the hotel.

On the ferry back to the mainland, I caught a beautiful sunset, a perfect reward to end a day of Local Travel.

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