Discovering Ontario: Lemoine Point Conservation

After a hint of spring in early March, last week saw Canada dip back into freezing temperature. I have never been a winter girl, but I decided to head out to Lemoine Point to photograph the last glimpse of the season.

For 3 years, I lived just 20 minutes away from the conservation, yet I had never been there before. Sure, I can blame it on my schedule and the fact that I’m traveling all the time. But why do we travel across the world to find nature and beauty, when it is right outside of our door?

I stood by Lake Ontario, completely lost in the stillness and solitude of the scenery. To my right, I spotted a pile of burnt wood from an old bonfire that had been constructed months before. I imagined a group of teenagers, roasting marshmallows as they camped out by the lake in the August night. For a moment, the thought of the Canadian summer warmed me. Even though the trees were bare, I could already see the beauty of the forest in the spring and fall.


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