Underwater Photos from the Caribbean

For my Cuba trip, I decided to take a waterproof one-time use film camera just for kicks. It was the first time I had used one of those but since I knew I would be doing a lot of water activities, and didn’t have a waterproof case for my DSLR, this was my alternative to capturing at least some of my underwater memories.

Here are a few photos that I just got back from the lab:
A school of fish near the bottom of the coral.

The quality is average at best. Despite this, I still miss the look of film photos.Me, approaching the camera.Getting on a kayak in Varadero

Waterproof or not, I’m curious about other people’s experience with these throw-away film cameras. At $20 a piece and $20 to get the flim developed, I’m uncertain it was forth the investment.

Have you ever used one for a trip? Would you get another one for your next trip? 


5 responses to “Underwater Photos from the Caribbean

  1. I’ve been curious about waterproof one use cameras too, but I’ve never tried one. The quality definitely isn’t great, but if they were digital these pictures wouldn’t have the same effect. The second last shot is my favourite, the film look suits it best.

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