A Graffiti Walk in Toronto

Last weekend, I made an interesting discovery in downtown Toronto. A few left and right turns off of Spadina Ave., I found myself standing in an alleyway covered in a splash of color. The alley, stretching a few blocks in length, enticed me with its pop of colors that brightened the overcast day. Thus began my graffiti walk.

Graffiti, as a form of art and self-expression, definitely has a place in the city. Toronto is made up of many different subcultures that interact with each other to create the overall identity and essence of the city. The graffiti, as well as the artists that creates them, represents one of those subcultures. Without them to give life to the bare walls in the city, this place just wouldn’t be the same.


7 responses to “A Graffiti Walk in Toronto

  1. Beautiful! My friend and I have been talking about doing something similar here as a sort of urban photography collaboration. Although it looks like Toronto has a lot more to offer than Saskatoon (no offense to Saskatoon street artists!)

  2. Wow – some of that art is really good. Makes me think a little of Rick Mercer’s Rants – he has a great lot of alley way with street art.

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