Do You Have A Travel Bucket List?

I like to think of travelling as a fluid exercise – I’m open to any experience that will teach me something new. While I don’t like to think of travelling as checking off items on a “to-do” list, I do have a list of places that I would love to visit one day – I’m just waiting for the right opportunity to come along. Here’s a glimpse of my travel bucket list:

1. Southeast Asia

I once took a university course on Doing Business in the Asia-Pacific Rim. We learned about the economies and cultural practices of many southeast Asian countries, including Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia. Of all those places, I’ve only ever visited Thailand. Although I lived in China for 11 years, the rest of Asia is still a mystery to me. I would love to see the landscape and culture there one day. I’m also slightly concerned that I won’t get there before commercialization and industrialization ruin its beauty.

2. Turkey & Israel

These 2 countries weren’t always on my radar – prior to visiting Europe, my travel scope wasn’t nearly as big as it is now. I also can’t quite remember when these places caught my eye, but as more of my friends visit and bring back stories, I’m intrigued by the ancient worlds of Eurasia and the Middle East. I think visiting these countries together would be a great trip; if I get the chance I’d also like to add Croatia to this journey.

3. Russia

My grandpa used to be a Russian translator for the Chinese government; he attended many diplomatic meetings and often travelled to Russia for work. When I was little, he used to tell me about the amazing architecture in Russia and the country’s many traditions. I would love to visit Moscow and St. Petersburg one day and see the place for myself.

If you’ve been to any of these items on my wish list, I’d love to hear your impression. What’s on your list of places you’re dying to visit??


21 responses to “Do You Have A Travel Bucket List?

  1. I agree – bucket lists, like travel, are fluid. I have started a couple – but the reality is – a new opportunity could always change my directions! I have put 2 bucket lists together – never definitive, only wishes – one for countries and one more activity based. You can check them out if you like – Bucket list 1 is activity: and #2 is country: Either way – always open to new suggestions!

  2. I have a huge travel bucket list – and the more of the world I see and learn about the longer it gets.

    Here's my current travel bucket list:
    1) Mt. Kilimanjaro, Kenya (I'm actually getting to do this, this year)
    2) Machu Piccihu (as well as many other places in South America, especially Rio)
    3) Africa – Egypt, Morocco (how can you not after seeing Casablanca!), a safari/seeing the gorillas (whichever country I can achieve this in)
    4) Campervanning it around the USA
    5) Eastern Europe – Turkey, Hungary, Estonia, Croatia
    6) Russia – would love to do the Trans-Siberian railway from Beijing to Moscow one day
    7) South-East Asia
    8) Australia – even though I'm from New Zealand, I've only been to Australia once, briefly.

  3. Alaska, (That dream is being fulfilled this July!), Australia, Turkey (to finally meet my family.) Germany, Back to Japan, Singapore, France, Greece, Russia, Norway, Switzerland, Spain, and Canada.

  4. I have a lot on my travel bucket list and the positions change almost daily depending on my mood or current inspiration. Currently, I'm focusing on Italy but Russia, Brazil and California are not far behind!

  5. I've been to parts of Germany and France, London for a night, St. Petersburg for a day, and Moscow for several days… plus places throughout the US. I loved everywhere I've been so far, but Russia holds a special, inexplicable place in my heart (and, truthfully, did so even before my trip).

  6. Beautiful photos! Europe and China are on my bucket list. I've been all over the U.S and majority of Asia except those places, hopefully some day! 🙂

  7. I have been to Israel many times and it's is the most fascinating place on earth.
    Great history, great people, great nature, and the whole country is so small that you can see almost all of it in 10 days (if you get up early every day).

  8. I have nominated you for the One Lovely Blog Award. I love your blog, and think others should discover it as well!

  9. Talking about Southeast Asia, all I can say is… you must visit Indonesia! 🙂
    I'm from Indonesia, and maybe there are some bad or negative news about our country on the media… but it's worth to try 😀
    Beautiful view, beach, sunrise, river, wild world.. u can find it here :p
    Bali, Lombok, Rajaampat, Komodo Island, Belitong Island..


  10. I don't have a list. There are experiences that I'd like to have, but as others have said things can come into play and affect where you end up going. I also would never have a list like a certain amount of countries to visit before a certain age. I suppose it's a decent goal but then it tends to come off as a check list rather than really appreciating each place.

  11. My list is endless! I haven't been to these places but they all are incredible. Great 3 photographs here. Texture, patterns and lines are tremendous. Thanks for sharing. ~Todd

  12. Do I have bucket travel list? Hmmm ,,, I never think about it till I found your post Tracy. I guess travelling for me is a way of our life, at least at the moment. We never planning our journey a month or even weeks before. A week is the top. 7 years ago we even left USA within a week. We sold everything including our 6 months old new built home sweet home. Since then we are couple with luggage sets aka Nomads (DANG! LOL). It was 7 years ago.

  13. I to would like to see Russia. My family history begins in there, or at least that's all my family knows. I believe the name of the place we come from is called rosenberg. For some reason I am drawn to go there. The story of our family coming to America is as follows. My great grandfather Remos, during the bulshavic revolution was very wealthy. Durning the night he took his family and the clothes on his back an started to walk until they where out of there. Somehow they end catching a boat to Liverpool England and from there they made there way to America. They settled in the Midwest where he worked as a laborer on a beet farm and befor he died, he owned the Farm and was prosperous again. I also would like to see Germany where my other half of my family is from but I don't know much other than that they are still there and live in Munich. But I would like to go through our great nation. I've thought of this befor and alittle while back, I meet this guy who told me he did it. He took a few months off and rode his motorcycle damn near everywhere. It sounded like he enjoyed it, and this guy doesn't seem to be the type get exited easily. But what do I know, I would just like to travle. When its convenient for myself, family, and work.

  14. My bucket list keeps growing and growing! There will never be enough time to do everything. I've never been to any of the places you mentioned, and they all sound amazing! What makes my bucket list so different is that I'm all about the adventure each place offers. Korea has a mud festival that I want to experience, Snowbombing in Austria is a snowboarding + music festival event, the Blue Lagoon in Iceland is unique and I'd love to dip in there one day. I love site-seeing also, but there is nothing like celebrating with the locals!

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