Beaches of LA

When my mom and I finished touring Hollywood and Beverly Hills, we knew we wanted to have a beach day. After all, the 25C (75F) degree weather was one of the main reasons we escaped to sunny LA during the bitter Canadian winter. Even though it was January, we spent a full day under the sun, hopping from Venice Beach, to the Santa Monica Pier, to the Malibu Beaches. I don’t think I’ve ever been to anywhere with softer sand!

Although the crowds were dying down in January, the beaches were far from empty – there were still surfers chasing waves, people tanning on the beach, children playing in the water, and joggers exercising on the boardwalk. Having grown up in Vancouver, I love outdoor cities where people live active lifestyles – LA was right up my alley.

Venice CanalFrom the Santa Monica PierMalibu beachLeaving Malibu


10 responses to “Beaches of LA

  1. Brilliant, you really seem to just capture the vibe and lifestyle of the place with such beautiful photos.

  2. Why does this not have over a million comments…this is absolutely incredible. I love your style too; everyone has such different feels. Out of curiosity, what camera do you use? Please marry me. Thank you. Just putting that in there.

  3. I really need to get to LA. I’ve always wanted to go but it just falls off my radar. I tend to try to visit friends or plan a trip to Europe. Those photos have really motivated me to plan for LA!

    p.s. It was -40C this morning in Winnipeg. I’m incredibly envious of the LA weather right now!

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