2011: My Year in Travel Photography

As Google would suggest, 2011 has been an eventful year around the globe. Looking back on all the worldwide events also made me reflect on my own life. These last 12 months have been more than fulfilling. For one, I began to embrace my new found love for travelling, which I discovered in 2010. Thus, with fond nostalgia for the past and eager excitement for the future, I bring you: 11 travel photographs of (my) 2011. 

1. Athens, Greece. I travelled to the beautiful country in February and visited Athens and the greek island of Aegina. My blog entry on Athens was featured on WordPress. =)

2. London, England. I lived in southern England from January to April, during which time I spent many weekends in London3. Montreal, Canada. I finally got around to visiting Montreal in October of this year and feasted the entire time there. Being there also made me miss Europe and French cuisine.
4. Budapest, Hungary. I ventured on a solo journey across Hungary, Austria, and Czech Republic. Budapest was my first stop, where my hand was kissed by a stranger.5. Wales, United Kingdom. I hiked 7 miles through Snowdonia National Park in Wales. The next morning, I woke up to this beautiful beach scene in front of my hotel. 6. Dublin, Ireland. I flew to Dublin to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day in Ireland, it was a blast! Dublin is such a lively city, I highly recommend it!7. Boston, USA. During the summer, I took a weekend trip to Boston where I met up with my long term friend Rob who showed me around the Charles River. Having grown up on the West coast, I love a city that’s by the water. 8. Bratislava, Slovakia. I detoured from my Hungary-Austria-Czech Republic trip and made a spontaneous stop in the quaint Slovakia capital, Bratislava. 9. Oxford, England. When I got tired of weekend trips to London, I ventured further north to Oxford with a friend to the widely-acclaimed university where the two of us pretended to be Oxford scholars. 

10. Prague, Czech Republic. One of the most beautiful European cities I’ve ever visited and one I’ve been recommending to all of my friends ever since, Prague is simply stunning.

11. Belfast, United Kingdom. I concluded my Europe trip at Giant’s Causeway on the Irish coast. It truly is a breathtaking place. My trip to Belfast also made me realize that there is still so much of  world I need to discover. 


219 responses to “2011: My Year in Travel Photography

  1. interesting idea for a post and great photos! I like the photo of Slovakia a lot! I don’t know if I could pick just 11 photos from a year but it would certainly be a good exercise and a good idea for a portfolio!

  2. Your 2011 review is amazing! I so envy you for being able to travel from all these places in just one year! I haven’t even been to abroad all 23 years of my existence.

  3. that’s good… . Very pretty pictures…. Would you like to know Equator… please chek my blog… there are interesting photos of my trips… they’re very good ..

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