What Toronto Taught Me

Wow I can’t believe it’s already September, which marks the end of another summer spent living in Toronto. Between this year and last, I’ve spent a total of 6 months living in downtown TO. While it lacks the glamour and culture of Europe, and the beauty and pristine of home (Vancouver), the city has started to grow on me. There’s never a shortage of activities and events happening around town, and whether it’s food or sport or fashion, there’s something here for everyone of all different interests, ages, and cultures.

From Beijing to London, Paris to Toronto, I like to think that every place I’ve ever lived in has taught me something… if not about myself, then maybe about the world I lived in. Here are 3 things that Toronto has taught me in my 6 months:

1. Speak up – It’s a big city with lots of voices all asking for what they want. So if you want something for yourself, whether it’s to photograph for a model agency or get a promotion, you have to be prepared to ask for it – loudly. Compared to Toronto, Vancouver is much calmer and its people, much more gentle. I’ve learned to toughen up in Toronto and assert myself with rigor to get what I want.

2. Branch out – With cities like Toronto where business, entertainment, and technology all intersect at one place come varied opportunities. Being here has pushed me to branch out of my network of artists and marketeres in order to socialize with other brilliant minds.

3. Don’t be fooled – Just like anywhere else in the world, there are some important and accomplished people who live here, and then there are thousands of others who think and act like they are somebody. Living among the vastly different personalities of this city has taught me when to call bullshit and when somebody really deserves your respect.

As I say goodbye to this city (for now), here are a few last photos from my time here.

(just after sunset, taken with android)

(The CN tower, on my way home, taken with Android)

(Alex, the Borsch man, maneuvering in the kitchen)  (The view from the apartment at night)


5 responses to “What Toronto Taught Me

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    Any help would be appreciated, nice blog btw!

  2. I was born in Toronto and moved when I was 5 – but something always draws me back. Must mean something, right? 🙂

    Thanks for the great photos – have a great time back at home!

  3. Having moved from Toronto to NY 22 years ago, I'd say the same about NY! But they are both very different from Vancouver, that's for sure.

    Living in NY has taken my Toronto-ness and pushed it much further than one might think possible. In NY, you're roadkill if you're not out fighting for all of it…

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