Girls with Curves

I remember the day I first discovered curves in Photoshop. It was like discovering Pandora’s box. It took my entire world of photography to another level. Now I process every one of my photos with curves – at least 1 and often times several.

I make my own curves now but I’m always eager to learn from the curves that other people create. There’s been several instances where generous photographers have shared their curves for free downloads! Here are a few of my favourites that I want to share with you… And remember, if you like any of them, do consider purchasing some from any of these lovely talents and help them fund their work

From Julia Trotti: Ghosts in Your Head


From Kitty Gallannaugh: Untitled


From Nirrimi: Great Grandma


It occurred to me that some of you may not know how to install these curves into photoshop after you download them, lucky enough, Julia Trotti also provided her instructions on how to do so. Enjoy!

Installing Downloaded Photoshop Curves 

Step One

For Mac:

– open photoshop and the picture you want to edit
– press command + m to open the curves window
– open the little box next to the “presets” bar
– choose the option “load preset”, and find the curve you downloaded

For Windows:

– open photoshop and the picture you want to edit
– press command + m to open the curves window
– press the “load” button
– find your downloaded curve and press “ok”

Step Two

For mac, presets are located here:
~/library/application support/adobe/adobe photoshop/presets/

For windows, presets are located here:
c:\program files\adobe\adobe photoshop\presets\

– copy the curves you downloaded and paste them into the “curves” folder.


2 responses to “Girls with Curves

  1. Love this article.

    Actually, I thought it would be women who aren’t thin haha, do you know what I mean? I also remember the day when I first found out about PS actions and curves. I was soooo thrilled. It was like wardrobe’s door to Narnia opened.

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