Giant’s Causeway

I’ve been to some breathtaking natural attractions of the world, including the Grand Canyon and Niagara Falls. Today, I add a new addition to that list – Giant’s Causeway.

Comprised of some 40,000 interlocking hexagonal columns, Giant’s Causeway is the result of an ancient volcanic eruption. When the lava met the ocean, Giant’s Causeway was born. The tallest column is 12 metres high. Legend has it that the Irish giant Finn McCool built the causeway to walk to Scotland to fight his Scottish rival Benandonner. One version of the legend goes that when McCool went to scotland and saw the much bigger Benandonner, he returned to Ireland and asked his wife to disguise him as a baby. So when Benandonner later came to Ireland looking to fight McCool, he was so frightened by the large size of the “baby” that he didn’t dare meeting the even bigger father – Finn. Benandonner quickly fled home, and ripped up the Causeway as he went to prevent Giant McCool from following him.

Whether you buy the legend or prefer the historical explanation, if you ever visit Northern Ireland, a visit to Giant’s Causeway is a must.On the way there, be sure to stop at a few fishing villages, old castles, and viewpoints to take in the beautiful Irish coast.

Giant’s Causeway from the top


16 responses to “Giant’s Causeway

  1. WOW, Tracy – these images are so fine – this is such a beautiful and spectacular landscape. Watching your photos simply makes me wish to go there – soon!

  2. Hello there,
    I would just like to say that your photos are truly incredible. 🙂
    You are very inspiring and very good.
    I love looking at your blog.

    Matty 😀

    • That’s a great gift – I wanted to take rocks with me from nearly every beach/coast I visited… but that would’ve seriously weighed down my luggage. haha.

  3. Oh my! These photos are a real treat. I checked out your portfolio and loved the ones with the blue windows. My photos usually come from my iPhone (how hipster of me! lol) but thanks for the comment and good luck on your adventures!

  4. Beautiful!

    I’ve wanted to go to see the Giant’s Causeway for years, and surely don’t want to see it less now. You were so lucky with the weather too…

  5. breathtaking shots! I love how you have captured the colors so vividly and the expanse of this wonderful landscape

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