Coast to Coast: Through Wales

After a long day’s drive, our vehicle pulled into Borth, a small village on the Irish Sea. There are two streets in Borth, one runs through the town, the other leads away to the next village; no traffic lights or stop signs necessary.

We stayed in Borth for two nights before following the coast Southward, stopping in Aberystwyth, a university town on the waterfront, and New Quay, a quaint fishing village. After spending hours driving through the coast and countryside, it occurred to me that I was seeing an authentic Welsh lifestyle. The people relied on the land (farming) and the ocean (fishing); they were free from industrialization and commercialization. Their lives had a sort of refreshing simplicity – a lifestyle that I’d always wanted growing up and one that I was always concerned I could never fully adapt to.



New Quay



5 responses to “Coast to Coast: Through Wales

  1. Oh lovely Aberystwyth – I spent three years studying there and it was such a special place to be – I'm not sure who we were kidding saying that we were studying on the beach. I enjoyed your photos – a trip down memory lane for me!

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