Bath & Stonehenge

London is an urban jungle that stretches over 600 square miles over the River Thames. The busy daily life in the metropolitan can get tiresome after a while, leaving me to seek refuge away from this mecca of attractions.

Luckily, England has many ancient towns and pretty villages along the countryside that a person could spend months exploring. One of these cozy cities is Bath. Nourished by natural hot springs and once home to Jane Austin, Bath offers a relaxing experience with stunning architecture, great shopping, and iconic attractions. From Bath, I also made a 1 hour journey to Stonehenge, a prehistoric monument erected in the English countryside around 2500 BC.

While it may seem silly to some that I would make the long journey to see some big rocks and hot baths (yes, that once served as the working title for this blog post), remember that doctors used to prescribe “a change of air” to their patients. So, if people did it back then, I figure it’s probably healthy to escape the big city once in a while now.




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