Enjoying Art & Music in Vienna

In March 2010, I embarked on a two-week trip through Central Europe. To date, it is one of my most memorable trips. This post is a part of a series of posts from that backpacking trip through Central Europe
Vienna, even the name has a classical ring to it.

After saying goodbye to Budapest, I continued with my Central Europe journey to the capital of Austria. Home to the once glorious Habsburg empire, Vienna is the center of world-class museums and classical music. The city is clean and fresh, with a skyscraper-free and pedestrian-friendly city center. I escaped from the cold Austrian winter by spending most of my time inside the city’s myriad of museums. In the evenings, I treated myself to the Opera and saw Vienna’s serious opera-goers all dressed up.

On warm(er) days, I window-shopped along Der Graben – the city’s most expensive and, therefore, unaffordable shopping street, and watched locals enjoy pastries and coffee over the daily paper in small cafés. Surrounded by culture and class, people here really know how to enjoy life.

Inside Ringstrasse:

A couple admiring statues outside the Habsburg PalaceThe Silver Collection in the Habsburg PalaceSpending all my free time in museumsCruising around street markets when the weather warmed up.The shopping street at night
The Opera House (day & night, inside)


9 responses to “Enjoying Art & Music in Vienna

  1. As a concert pianist, I’ve always wanted to go to Vienna for a music festival or something, and then just stay and hang around and visit. Love your photos, really captures the essence of the city. And I love museums!

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  3. Having just read about this marvelous city, I am amazed at the cultural beauty and essence each time I read about it…
    Beautiful photographs of such a beautiful city!

  4. Beautiful. I love the photo of the couples admiring the statues in particular, it has a great atmosphere. And the silver collection looks amazing!

  5. I’m so glad you posted this tour. I’m a little late to comment, though. I lived in the first district in Vienna for awhile, and miss it so much. Many of the photos are familiar to me, and make me want to go back!

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