A Beautiful City for Athena

Athens, a city worshipped by people and gods. The beautiful capital of Greece is one of the oldest cities in the world. It is said to be the cradle of civilization and the birthplace of democracy. Named after the goddess of warfare and home to Plato’s Academy, this city gave rise to many wise men of ancient times.

My introduction to the magical city began at the Acropolis, where I was enchanted by the beautiful remains and the stunning Acropolis Museum. There I also learned about the city’s “catch, neuter, and release” program, which populated the streets with stray dogs. One of these free spirits, which I named Atticus because he found me and my friends at ‘the Roundabout of Atticus’ and because I’ve always wanted to have a dog by that name after reading To Kill A Mockingbird, followed me and the gang loyally from the Acropolis all the way to the Temple of Olympian Zeus, where we sadly parted ways when us humans headed for the subway.

Between visiting the Port of Piraeus and walking around Old Town Plaka, I also visited the Poet Sandal Maker who directed me to his favourite Greek restaurant nearby. After a satisfying feast there, I ended the day at the top of Lycabettus hill, overlooking the entire city. When the red and orange colours burned in the sky as the sun set over Athens, I remembered a great piece of advice I once heard: see the world as a traveller, not a tourist.


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  2. Thanks for sharing your pics, my favourite is the 2 dogs laying in the sun. I can see why you are so enchanted with Greece. Maybe one day I will get to see it too.


  3. The photos are beautiful! Wish I had taken photos as nice as these when I went to Athens. It’s truly a beautifully preserved ancient city. Truly a city for the gods. 🙂

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  5. Wow. Athens is so beautiful! It is my dream to visit there one day, it’s been my dream for as long as I can remember and looking at your blog and your gorgeous photos just reminds me of how badly I really, really, really want to go there.

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  7. Wonderful, wonderful post. I just returned from Greece and have refused to blog about it because I can’t seem to find the words to describe how much I fell in love with that country. But you did a beautiful job, both with your writing and with your photos!

  8. Beautiful pictures! I wish to see Athens, too. I may get my wish in the summer!
    I majored in History and many times over, I feel as though I have been there before. I know studying it is not the same as actually being there, but I knew every aspect of the Acropolis, especially the Parthenon (hence part of my email address: carytid, I left out the ‘a’ in caryatid).
    Thank you for sharing those wonderful pictures and congrats on being freshly pressed!

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  10. Amazing photos,
    The advice “see the world as a traveller, not a tourist” fits only to the people who are inquisitive in nature and want to explore and gain knowledge, but in recent times its actually reversed as many people just try to embark only to enjoy not exactly explore, there are a bunch who are really into being a traveller than tourist, but the ratio when considered weighs more towards a tourist than a traveller as enjoyment and relaxation is a must these days considering the level of stress and workload.
    Thank you for your wonderful share.


  11. I’ve always wanted to go to Athens just to see the remaining pieces of ancient Greek architecture, but I was told there weren’t enough ruins left to base a holiday around – especially seeing as the UK holds an immense amount of artifacts in museums. This has definitely inspired me to reconsider a trip there. The pictures are stunning!

  12. I agree that in order to appreciate the less obvious, one must tread the off-the-beaten track and explore the oftentimes ignored aspects of visiting a new place. 🙂 Thanks for this post.

  13. Wonderful,authentic photos.
    Definitely,from the eyes of a self sufficient traveller…
    I would also like to tell you that the poet’s handmade sandals last for ever and so does Atticus recollection..

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  15. ثقافة الهزيمة .. أنها حقا عائلة محترمة‏

    فى 6 فبراير 2011 نشرت شبكة الأخبار الأمريكية كشفت صحيفة الجارديان البريطانية نقلا عن محللين مختصين بشؤون الشرق الأوسط قولهم أن ثروة الرئيس المصري حسني مبارك بلغت نحو 70 مليار دولار، جزء كبير منها موجود في بنوك سويسرية وبريطانية، أو على شكل عقارات في لندن ونيويورك ولوس أنجلوس، أضافة إلى ممتلكات خاصة على طول شاطئ البحر الأحمر، وقال تقرير أن المصدر الرئيسي لهذه الثروة هو أطلاع الرئيس على صفقات أستثمارية حققت مئات الملايين من الدولارات لمصر، ولهذا تم نقلها إلى حسابات سرية في بنوك أجنبية، أو أستثمارها في البورصات العالمية والعقارات، وأكد التقرير أن علاء وجمال مبارك هم إيضا من أصحاب المليارات، ونقلت الصحيفة عن أماني جمال، أستاذة العلوم السياسية في جامعة برينستون، قولها أن ثروة العائلة تتراوح ما بين 40 و 70 مليار دولار، وهي أرقام تقارب ثروات بعض من زعماء دول الخليج، الغنية بالنفط…

    باقى المقال ضمن مقالات ثقافة الهزيمة بالرابط التالى

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